District 4

District 4 of the Dallas County Commissioners Court includes most of western Dallas County. It stretches from Interstate 635 (LBJ Freeway) on the north to Joe Pool Lake on the south.

District 4 Population

District 4 is highly diverse. Many of its neighborhoods – including Cockrell Hill, western Oak Cliff, West Dallas, northern Grand Prairie and southern Irving – have large Hispanic populations. However, the area known as the Asian Trade District/Koreatown also resides within District 4. Meanwhile, sections of all the cities within District 4 have concentrations of Anglos, African-Americans and people representing other ethnicities. Dr. Garcia is honored to represent such a culturally rich, multifaceted district and strives to meet the needs of all her constituents.

Government Operations in Dallas County District 4

Dr. Garcia wants her constituents to feel they can easily and conveniently access the many services and programs provided by the county. These county operations are located in the district Dr. Garcia serves:

Trails in Dallas County District 4

Here are the trails within the district Dr. Garcia represents:

Proposed Trail in District 4:


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